It was a warm humid day in the seventies at the American Midwest when ten year-old Gus Taylor told his parents that he was his own grandfather, deceased a couple of years before he was born. When he ended his weird announcement, everyone in the room burst in laughter.


One day, his mother asked him jokingly "When you were Grandpa Augie, did you have any brothers or sisters?”. Gus replied: "Yes, I had a sister, but she died". No one laughed; the fact that his grandfather had a sister and she was murdered has never been discussed within the family and little Gus had no means to know that fact. Since that day, the revelations of Gus about the minute details of his grandfather’s life made him one of the most famous cases of past life remembrance – a controversial yet substantial phenomenon that’s considered proof of reincarnation.

Stranger than Fiction: The Reincarnation Story of Cameron Macaulay

Reincarnation is the belief held by many religions and philosophies that the soul of the person departs from the body in the moment of death and is reincarnated afterwards in a new body at conception or birth.


It has been studied by many modern scientists with very intriguing results so far. Each year, a lot of enigmatic cases, especially of children remembering their past lives, are added to the growing list of evidence regarding reincarnation.


British kid Cameron Macaulay is one of the most perplexing modern cases in this matter; he was 6 years old when he captured the attention of the media in 2006.


Cameron is not much differentfrom other boys of his age, but ever since he was 2 years old and first started talking, he has spoken about his life on the island of Barra, a place that he never visited, 260 kilometers away from where he lives in Glasgow. For many years, the Scottish boy used to talk about his childhood on Barra, the view to the sea from his bedroom window, his former parents, how his dad died, his mother, his brothers and sisters and their dogs. He gave detailed descriptions, names and specific incidents. He even complained that his current house only has one toilet, whereas in Barra, they had three.


After consulting several children psychologists and confirming that Cameron’s tales are neither the result of imagination – because their details never changed with time – nor something he heard or saw on TV, his family decided to take him to the Island, accompanied by psychologist Dr. Jim Tucker from Virginia University.


When they arrived, everything was just as Cameron described. At the hotel, they told them that there was a Robertson family, to which Cameron believed he belonged, who used to live in the white house on the bay. Further investigations showed that the events described by Cameron matched perfectly with the history of the Robertsons. Cameron recognized the house immediately and he was extremely happy. When they got in, he knew every bit of the house. And as he said, there were indeed three bathrooms and the sea is viewed from his bedroom window.


Proof or Scam?

The stories of Gus and Cameron are just two of over 5000 cases of children who claimed to have memories of past lives in the last four decades. These cases are documented and were studied by many psychologists and scientists. These mystical accounts even inspired some scientists to devote their lives researching reincarnation, like Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918 – 2007) who is the father of modern reincarnation research. But many other scientists are either puzzled or entirely dismissive stating that these stories are either scams or can be explained by conventional psychological and cognitive methods.


In all cases, what these kids know and say still defies simple rational explanations presented by today’s science and might one day change our entire perspective about life and what lies beyond it…